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Our Mission Statement

We at Ready, Steady, Grow are committed to providing each child in our care the chance to grow in an environment that is fully accepting of individual needs and which promotes self confidence and leads to self belief and independence.

The atmosphere within our crèche is calm, loving and every person is treated with respect and consideration.
Healthy eating, fitness, fun and learning are important parts of the care we provide as they are essential to help the children reach their full potential for concentration, creativity and development.


A native of Killanny, from Corcreaghy my name is Jenny Kerley ,I completed a Social Studies Diploma in Athlone I.T., followed by Childcare & Montessori training in Dublin , where I lived until I moved to Dundalk last year. I have extensive experience in childcare over the last 12 years and have a great passion for my job.

I have been in a management role in both Wee Care & Cocoon , childcare facilities where I worked in Dublin & am delighted to be undertaking this venture in the parish. When the Community Centre was built, the committee had an interview process to find a suitable candidate to set up a crèche.

I was the successful interviewee & the concept of Ready, Steady, Grow was conceived. I received one of the last capital childcare grants available to help with the build. All staff on the team were interviewed, fully qualified , experienced and fully embrace the ethos of Ready, Stead, Grow.

We are very excited about meeting, playing, teaching and having fun with the young members of Killanny and surrounding communities families.

Our Aim:

To provide: